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Blockchain Digital Radio and Podcasting Platform!

PodMiners is a digital radio and podcasting platform that allows the content creators, consumers and advertisers to collaborate on a global level. The platform is based on the blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a public ledger that allows everyone to check the data records. The transaction once recorded can not be manipulated. Combining blockchain with podcasting will bring transparency and trust to the ecosystem and solve many problems that exist in the podcast industry.

The platform has its own digital currency named PodMiners Token (POMT). The value of the Token will increase with time as the consumption will increase.

Blockchain Solution

Looking at the radio and podcast industry, we can see that despite the growth, there are some major concerns like fraud, intermediators, security, fake remarking. Though blockchain technology can bring the revolution in the industry but it is not widely adopted till date.

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    PodMiners provides a provision to auto publish the content across multiple platforms. It will increase the chances of discoverability of your content.

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    By enabling the in show advertisement model, PodMiners will allow ecosystem users to monetize their content globally subjected to the terms and conditions.

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    Ad Fraud

    The automated bots has already lead to the ad frauds. PodMiners is working to make a difference by creating a bridge for its consumers and advertisers.

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    Blockchain eliminates the involvement of third parties and allows micropayments. It helps advertisers, content creators and consumers to deal directly and build a strong community.

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    Random Fake Reviews

    Random fake reviews hurts the reputation. At PodMiners, chances of fake reviews will be reduced. People who actually have consumed the paid content will be able to review the content creators.

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    On-time Payments

    Blockchain smart contract implementation is making PodMiners a fair and open platform for all that allows creators to get paid instantly on meeting certain requirements.

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    Blockchain makes PodMiners, a highly secure and transparent system with improved efficiency in various processes. This blockchain based platform will provide secure medium for the publishers.

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    Creators will be able to get micropayments from consumers in the form of monthly subscription for their show or a small amount to download a selected episode.

Podcasting is great. Total freedom.

- Bill Burr, Comedian

Our Vision


To have a transparent, decentralized product and service ecosystem for the global community with ability to track the content ownership, reward content creators.


Development of new models to make the podcasting, live radio streaming and ROI on ad spending even better by eliminating ad frauds.


Our long term vision is to become one of the best marketplace that users will love, built on top of the blockchain technology platform utilizes a personalized cryptocurrency- PodMiners Token, for the internal operations.

Social Contributions

PodMiners aims to focus on the women and child empowerment and will come forward for any contribution needed. The PodMiners Organisation also supports the immediate cause like hunger, medical care, and war. We believe that in this growing industry our organization has to take the social step when increasing the market share or having profits. With the increasing competition in any industry, every user needs quality services and products but they also care about their contribution they can make for the betterment of society. So being a part of PodMiners you also indirectly take part in our organizational growth & social cause of making this world a better place together. Thus in return, it helps the business to participate in the social welfare programs and contributions also.

  • Awareness programs & seminars for the women to spread knowledge about their health, rights, home-based working and more.
  • To help for food, medical services, clothes in case of immediate cause or disaster.
  • Primary education of the children.
  • Availability of books, uniforms, and other educational material.
  • Practical knowledge of the computer with proper training by professionals.

PodMiners Token

To continue the functions of PodMiners ecosystem, PodMiners Token, the internal cryptocurrency, is introduced.
Podminers is integrating its open and sustainable product and service ecosystem for the global community of podcasters, online broadcasters and online publishers.

The token will be used to:
  • Reward the content creators.
  • Access the applications and services like audio recording, sharing and publishing.
  • For podcast ads.
  • Rewards to consumers by brands on the completion of some simple tasks.
  • Rewards to the creators on the basis of votes, remarks and sharing of their content.

Token Details

Start Date

01 September, 2019

End Date

30 September, 2019

Number of tokens for sale

20 Million POMT


Acceptable currencies


Min/ Max transactions

Not specified

Exchange Rate


Pre-sale Duration

4 weeks

Ends on

Token sold or end Date Reached

Start Date

10 November 2019

End Date

9 December 2019


Number of tokens for sale

20 Million POMT

Exchange rate

1 POMT = $0.20 USD

Acceptable currencies


Min/max transactions

4000 POMT Min

Start Date

15 December 2019

End Date

25 December 2019

IEO Token Allocation

10 Million


Number of Exchanges


Exchange Rate

1 POMT= $0.30 USD

Start Date

1 January 2020

End Date

31 March 2020

Number of tokens for sale

50 Million POMT


Acceptable currencies


Min/ Max transactions

100 POMT Min

Exchange Rate

1 POMT= $0.50 USD

PodMiners Token Distribution

A detailed distribution of PodMiners Tokens for various purposes is shown below.

  • 3% Project Team
  • 8% Founders
  • 10% Private Sale
  • 3% Partners and Advisors
  • 5% IEO
  • 5% Marketing and Collaborations
  • 10% Pre-Sale
  • 30% Retained by PM
  • 25% Crowd Sale
  • 1% Bounty and Bonus
  • 5% Working Capital
  • 30% Marketing & Branding
  • 30% Research & Development
  • 10% Legal
  • 20% Operations & Others
  • 5% Exchange Listing

Global Market Statistics

Global Audio Streaming Market Subscribers 2018

229.5 Million

Global Audio Market Ad Spending 2018

31.34 Billion USD

GLobal Podcast Market Revenue 2018

479.1 Million USD

Expected to cross $1 Billion by 2021


2018 Q1 - Q2
Milestone 1
  • The origin of PodMiners. Concept development and business plan.
2018 Q3 - Q4
Milestone 2
  • Started podcasting and broadcasting platform development.
2019 Q1
Milestone 3
  • Blockchain concept formulation and continuous development of centralized MVP.
2019 Q2
Milestone 4
  • Beta testing of MVP, ICO development & token formulation.
2019 Q3 - Q4
Milestone 5
  • Start ICO, wallet development & users acquisition.
2020 Q1
Milestone 6
  • Decentralization Ecosystem for PodMiners, token integration & exchange listing across multiple exchanges.
2020 Q2
Milestone 7
  • Blockchain based review system development and continuous decentralization.
  • PodMiners mobile application development
2020 Q3
Milestone 8
  • Ads mechanism & detailed analytics development.
2020 Q4
Milestone 9
  • Ads mechanism testing & implementation. Collaborations with brands for podcasting advertisement.
2021 Q1
Milestone 10
  • Open source APIs for users and an open marketplace.
2021 Q2
Milestone 11
  • Video streaming model and starting digital products marketplace such as e-books.
2021 Q3
Milestone 12
  • Standing out as most favorite podcasting platform for the users and advertiser with continuous platform enhancement.

Our Team


Anish Chauhan

Co-Founder, Chairman

Tech firm co-founder with 7+ year's experience as ad tech advisor with particular interest in video on demand industry. Expertise in supervising startup projects. Blockchain enthusiast having experience in creating monetization strategies.


Avinash Chauhan

Co-Founder, CEO

Blockchain technology enthusiast and Tech firm co-founder. 6+ year’s experience in leading programming teams & providing technical consultation to blockchain based solutions & Initial Token Offering projects. Passionatly involved in exploring Blockchain technology & cryptography in depth. Expert in trademark rights (IT sphere).


Manisha Sharma

HR Executive

Experienced Human Resources Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in People Management, Relationship Building, Team Building, Management, and Time Management. Strong human resources professional with a Master of Business Administration - MBA focused in Finance and HR.


Deepak Roach

Creative Director

7+ years in IT industry. Enthusiast in film making. 7+ years’ experience in animation and editing. Bachelors of Science in animation and multimedia. Creative director, Exceptional hand in writing, comic artist. Passionate about comic films and animation industry.


Sujata Sharma

Technical Writer

3+ years of experience in technical writing. Passionate about creative work. Enthusiast about comics and animation. 5 +years in health industry. Expertise in technical, academic and creative writing and 1+ year experience as a voice over artist.


Raman Saini

Senior Software Engineer

5+ years in IT and Research and development with technology. Degree in Software Engineering. Expert in NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#, MSSQL, SCALA, Play framework, MongoDB, Reactive Mongo, Spark and still adding. Worked with diverse teams. Able to develop DAPPs using Ethereum, Solidity, ERC20, ERC223, web3JS. Presently Technical Team leader in Trignobit technologies.


Ankur Sharma

Senior Software Engineer

Cryptography expert with 7+ years of full stack development experience. Master’s degree in Computer Applications. Developing enterprise level high scalability applications in C#, Scala, DAG, Spark, Big Data, Node JS, React JS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle. Obsessed with research and development based on blockchain and Blockless technologies.


Aditya Patial

Software Engineer

4+ years in IT and Research and development with technology. Degree in computer science Engineering. Expert in .NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#, MSSQL, Play framework, MongoDB, Java Script, Node JS.


Pardeep Chahal

Software Engineer

Graduated as Bachelor of Computer Application. Have 5+ years of experience in development with technology. Expert in C#, MySQL, JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, Web APIs, AngularJs, Angular. Utilize every chance to learn new technologies. Currently exploring Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.


Poonam Dhiman

Junior Software Engineer

Graduated as Bachelor of Computer Applications. Expert in c#,, mvc and adding new skills to the list.


Ritika Chandel

Junior Software Engineer

Expert in c#,, sql, mvc and adding more to the list. Have Masters Degree in Computer Applications.


Dhyan Singh

Quality Control Head

Quality Control Head, Expertise in planning, directing and coordinating Quality Assurance Programs. Formulation of Quality control policies. Skilled in ensuring products meet standards of quality.


Priyanka Thakur

Quality Assurance

Developing and qualify new testing methods. Performing visual inspections of finished products. Participate in internal assessments and audits as required. Write or revise standard quality control operating procedures.


Akshita Sharma

Digital Marketing & CRO Specialist

Digital marketing professional with experience in managing and executing marketing plans to increase ROI & better conversion. Experienced in ICO marketing and promotions strategies, PR and Article writing, SEO techniques and execution plans, Social Media marketing campaigns handling. Currently playing a lead role in ICO marketing and strategies of PodMiners ICO.


Kanika Guglani

Marketing & ROI Specialist

Experienced marketing strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the indusrty. Skilled in generating ROI, ICO marketing, Google Analytics, and Team Management. Marketing professional with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.).


Nand kishore

Web and Graphic designer

3+ years of experience in web and graphic designing. Designed a lots of corporate identities like websites, mobile app, E-mailers and still going on. Good hand on Photoshop, Illustrator, Converting PSD's to Html and responsive websites.

Our Partners

ABBC Foundation

Jason Daniel Paul Philip

Founder and CEO of ABBC Foundation (ABBC Coin) a blockchain based payment solution platform & cryptospehere specialist. An ambitious blockchain admirer having 8+ years experience as a developer & tech entrepreneur.

TranslateMe Network

TranslateMe Network is an innovative and unique solution for quick online translations in 6500 languages. It is the first-ever platform using blockchain algorithms and machine learning for text and speech translations which is verified and corrected by the human contributors. It collects the data in the form of corrections made by millions of human contributors for more accuracy.

Our Advisors


Timo Trippler

Finance & Investment Advisor
Timo Trippler is an ICO Advisor and entrepreneur with FinTech and InsurTech industry background. He is an expert in financial market and risk management with 12 years of experience in financial transactions. He advised various successful ICO projects and manages multiple crypto fund portfolios.
He has been working in Blockchain field since 2015 and had a large number of various ICOs under his advice.
He worked with a lot of ICOs and other projects, such as: AirPod, Loyakk, Faxport, Welltrado, Inclusivity, Centareum, Place To Rent, Energy Premier, WeiCrowd, Med-O Network, Vegan Nation, USAT, Tokenchanger, Autorize, Styxr, U Run It and many more.
Timo joined PodMiners advisor team and would provide professional guidance for PodMiners global fundraising as well as future project incubation and crowdfunding sectors.
He uses his business network to raise funds from institutional Investors, Family Offices, Venture Capital and Private Equity companies. He is currently connected to more than 300 institutional Investors around the world. He travels to Blockchain summits and conferences to meet new investors and to enlarge his fundraising network.

Brian Condenanza

Chief Marketing Advisor
Brian Condenanza is an Internet entrepreneur and blockchain advisor. He currently serves as Advisor of different blockchain startups, such as BEAT, Bitrus Exchange and Boltt Sports.
Brian is also the Editor-In-Chief at Revista Bitcoin, one of the most popular Spanish speaking magazines dedicated to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.
Last year, Brian gave a TEDx talk in Switzerland about the future of blockchain technology & the use of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets and the possible uses and applications of this technology. The topic of his TED talk was the upcoming golden age of blockchain, where we could leverage this technology to make a more open and connected world. His TED talk currently has over 100,000 views on YouTube and hundreds of comments, making it one of the most viewed TED talks on the topic.
Brian also participated of UN Youth Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC, with the role of Delegate of his native country Argentina, where he discussed diverse topics, ranging from sustainable development to disruptive technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Sharp Ye

Exchange Listing Advisor
Sharp Ye is a Blockchain Advisor Listing and IEO expert. He has been involved in Blockchain since long time. He has experience of working with various ICOs and other projects. He had been the listing and IEO advisor at Gooreo (Oreo Coin), International Digital Asset Trading Center, a listing specialist at exchange.
He is also a partner with Coinstruction Cooperative and Boomblockchain. He has a partnership with lots of exchanges and has a good understanding of the importance of marketing as well as offline activities, roadshows, exhibition, etc.
He is also providing advice on community operations, marketing promotion, market value management, etc.
Sharp has joined PodMiners as Exchange Listing Advisor and will help PodMiners with his experience and knowledge in listing POMT (PodMiners Token) on the crypto exchange.
Nikita Vasilevich

Nikita Vasilevich

Community Advisor
Nikita Vasilevich has expertise in growing and managing communities. He has been on the advisory board of many ICO/IEO. Nikita is into the blockchain technology for many years. He is the CEO of Biznes Akula.

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PodMiners Token is the internal digital currency of PodMiners ecosystem. PodMiners is a blockchain based platform for podcasters, broadcasters and advertisers.

PodMiners Token will be used to carry out the internal operations of the PodMiners ecosystem. Here are the use cases;
  • To reward the content creators.
  • To access the applications and services like audio recording, sharing and publishing.
  • To manage the podcast advertisement.
  • Rewards to consumers by brands on the completion of some simple tasks.
  • Rewards to the creators on the basis of votes, remarks and sharing of their content.

Yes, there are various bounty campaigns you can find details on our ICO website.

You'll receive an email upon the successful transaction and purchased Tokens will reflect in your Metamask a/c as well as on our Token website.

The transaction process is instant. But Token distribution may take up to 72 hours.

No. The PodMiners Token comes with the lifetime validity. The Token value may vary with time.

ETH wallet/metamask is required to carry out transaction and store Tokens.

Without an Ethereum address, you can not participate in the Token sale. In order to maximize and manage the Token distribution, Ethereum address is required. It will help in making the Token distribution more fair.

You can only use one Ethereum address. You can purchase the PodMiners Token using this address. If you want to change the Ethereum address, you need to go through the registration and KYC process again.

Yes. Due to some laws and restrictions, the US and Indian residents are not allowed to participate in the ICO sale.

100 million POMT

It may take up to 72 hours for the account verification.

There will be no bonus but token price will be discounted during presale.

There is no lock in period for purchased PodMiners Tokens.

There will be minimum purchase limit. During presale 4000 POMT minimum purchase is required and during crowd sale minimum purchase amount is 100 POMT